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Updated: Aug 4, 2021

10th December, 2020 - S-CLINICA Executive Director Irena Seredina and the Vice President of Strategic Alliances Matthew Konneh participated in the Roundtable Forum for Clinical Trial professionals in December 2020.

Irena Seredina ran a roundtable on IRT in Supply Chain Management. She talked about the crucial importance of anticipating issues during the entire process by using modern AI technologies and presented the ClinVision (CTAMS) S-CLINICA’s innovative platform.

The Clinical Roundtable Forum focused on management of agile protocols, forecast of future landscape of clinical trials in 2021, modern eCOA strategies, Clinical Supply Chain Challenges for Covid-19, Competitive Intelligence for complex clinical trials in 2021, Comparator Sourcing, Randomisation and Trial Supply Management support for trials in the COVID era.

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