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Choosing the right IRT/RTSM/IWRS solution to fit your needs

When you look across the drug supply planning, forecasting and management solutions landscape, you will be spoiled for choice for IRT, RTSM, IWRS and IVRS systems as there are many providers out there that you can speak to.


So, how do you choose the right partner for your study?

Read our tips here.

Choosing the right solution
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One measurement to bear in mind is the level of complexity that the IRT, RTSM, IWRS or IVRS system can handle.

Do you need the system to be able to handle any level of complexity in any study scenario?

It's not always obvious how complex your drug supply planning, forecasting and management needs are. The success of your study relies on the collaboration and of so many stakeholders and moving parts that any significant changes can have a huge and unexpected impact on your study. You will be surprised how many systems on the market cannot handle the changes you can face, particularly in highly complex studies.

S-Clinica's ClinVision is designed to handle any study scenario, dynamically and quickly, in any phase.



How quickly do you need a system? Ideally, drug supply planning, forecasting and management systems should be considered as early as the planning phase of a study. In reality, the systems are often introduced later in the process and can even be implemented just before a study goes live. Emergency implementations are common requirements, so very fast delivery is usually a very important factor.

S-Clinica offers fast implementation as standard and even faster implementation for emergency cases.


We have never missed a go-live date in over 25 years.


Is the technology offering proven?

In a world of innovation, there are many wonderful offerings that look amazing on paper, but are they proven? Does the offering have a solid track record? Are you willing to be a test case for your study?

S-Clinica's Anticipatory Management Engine has the most innovative, industry-defining algorithm in the industry, with a proven pedigree and evolution that spans over 25 years.


What type of technology or algorithm is being used?

This is definitely worth investigating to see if it fits your needs. Drug supply planning, forecasting and management can be managed in many ways, including outsourcing the process to providers who will use manual processes and spreadsheets.

Min-Max probability-based algorithms are also commonly used, however, this type of algorithm is known to have limitations when it comes to handling any level of complexity. It might be sufficient for you, however, it's worth bearing in mind that there are other, more effective solutions.

S-Clinica's Anticipatory Management Engine is the most advanced algorithm in the industry. It can handle any study scenario and any complexity in any study phase.



Without a doubt, the cost and cost benefits of any solution will be high on your list of considerations. Bearing in mind the points on this page, how much is the system or solution that you are investing in going to cost you, and how much will you have to invest elsewhere to fill any gaps that the system does not provide?

There is a perception that the better the solution, the more expensive it is. In most cases this is true, however, S-Clinica is an exception. 

Although our solution is one of the most complete offerings within our niche and certainly the most advanced in terms of our algorithms, our business is committed to the success of studies of any size.


As a result, the costs we present are some of the lowest in the industry.


Proven commitment to customer success

Commitment to make the studies of our clients successful and, in turn, the welfare of patients everywhere!


Work with us and you will experience how passionately we feel about the success of your studies. Our experts provide immediate and attentive support to every project, from the beginning to the end.

We assign an experienced and project–dedicated team to each trial. Our operational approach, expertise and experience allow us to identify the best option to help save time and money and reduce study and patient risks.

We promptly analyze the needs of the clinical study or program. We foresee potential pitfalls and help our client’s team to choose the optimal solution.

As a result, we build a long-term partnership with each client and each client’s team.


A number of pharmaceutical, biotechnology and CRO companies have selected S-CLINICA to be their preferred provider.


We are proud to say that we are the preferred provider of our very first client, a Top-5 Pharma-Biotech Company. This partnership has resulted in 25 years of successful collaboration!

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