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The ClinVision suite of integrated modules is powered by the S-Clinica Anticipatory Management Engine is the most advanced algorithm in the industry for Clinical Supply forecasting, planning and management.

Modules 1

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ClinVision Supply Forecasting and Planning

Supply Chain and Supply Management optimization

Use the Clinical Supply Forecasting module  to manage studies of any complexity.
Manage cohorts, distribution plans as well as potential changes and threats.

Interactive Response Technology IRT / RTMS / IWRS / IVRS

Powerful and fully flexible system

The IRT (RTMS, IWRS, IVRS) module is 100% flexible and can be promptly adapted to clinical study of any complexity.

Drug and Anciliaries Supply Management

A powerful solution to reduce the waste and risks

The unique and finely tuned system built on highly advanced probability-based algorithm adapted to real-time data prediction allows to powerfully minimize supply waste and risks.


Enabling Direct To Patient (DtP) Drug Supply through Interactive Response Technology
Manage studies of any complexity.
Manage cohorts, distribution plans as well as potential changes and threats.

ePRO and eCOA

On-line, phone questionnaires, app ​
Work with any type of questionnaire: patient, care-giver, site. Validated translation ready for a regulatory submission.

Supplies Return and Destruction

Full visibility throughout the supply chain.
The return & destruction of drugs is a critical phase that needs to be planned before a clinical trial begins.
Regardless of a clinical trial’s size, drug accountability must be completed at the close of the study.
Modules 2
Data Integration

Data Integration

Assuring data integrity, eliminating redundancy.

Consultancy and Training

We help our clients to find the right solution

S-CLINICA can help at any stage of the study including system setup, identification of optimal supply strategy and interpretation of forecasting results.

Custom Development

In addition to our ClinVision suite, S-Clinica's in-house development team provides agile custom development solutions to help you leverage the decades of experience we have in this sector.

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