S-CLINICA helps sponsors and CROs with clinical trial studies: drug forecasting,
direct-to-patient, supply chain planning, clinical supplies management, IRT

ClinVision – an anticipatory management system

Real time is too late! It’s crucial to be anticipatory

S-CLINICA offers ClinVision, a cutting edge Anticipatory Management System . The Anticipatory Management System ClinVision is the best in class single platform comprising Clinical Supply Forecasting, Cost and Risk Optimization, IWRS, Clinical Supply Management, Drug Disposal, Data Transfer & Integration. ClinVision anticipates and mitigate risks and keeps costs under control. It enables analysis of study pitfalls and impact of changes in study assumptions and protocol design.
Anticipatory Management System helps at each step of the trial
  • With limited study information, make a rough estimate of the demand in supplies by running simulations and prepare a production pre-order.
  • Evaluate the feasibility of recruitment targets.
  • Analyze alternative scenarios
  • Analyze and compare the impact of changes in clinical design and study assumptions on the drug supply management and related costs, on the production schedule and distribution plans.
  • Analyze & Identify the optimal Cost & Risk scenario
S-CLINICA team is the best and easiest support team
We seriously believe that the S-CLINICA team is one of the best and easiest support teams to work with.”
- Biotech company ​
The best-in-class across any study design
Across any study design, any trial phase, we are driven to provide innovative Supply Forecasting, IVRS/IWRS and Drug supply systems and customer service to make them best-in-class.
- Patrick Firket
One single system for both the IRT and forecasting combined
It’s a great advantage to have both the IRT and forecasting combined into one single system. If you use different systems for each, you lose a lot of time as you must explain the study to both teams.
- Muriel Comblain
Head of Operations
Real time is too late! It’s crucial to be anticipatory
Real time is too late. Real time means you have already faced a problem. It is crucial to anticipate issues. This is why we call ClinVision a CTAMS: a clinical trial anticipatory management system.​
- Irena Seredina, M.D., MSc.
Executive Director
S-CLINICA transforms complexity into simplicity
S-CLINICA has helped Sponsors and CROs to successfully face sudden new challenges and constraints due to COVID-19 pandemic and to transform complexity into simplicity by embracing virtual formats, transforming supply chains, etc. And we did it so quickly!
- Ryoma Collia
Vice President Sales
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