A powerful solution to reduce the waste and risks

Full visibility of supplies

Our solutions:

“S-CLINICA is my little secret of success,”

- Top-20 Pharma-Biotech Company
  • COVID-19 supply management deployed within very short timelines
  • Unique, finely tuned and adapted to real-time data predictive probability algorithm
    • Powerfully minimizes supply waste and risks
  • Management of supplies throughout the supply chain
    • Any type of supplies: investigational products, devices, auxiliaries, etc
    • From Production – to Central and local depots – to Sites / Pharmacies – to Patients
    • Bar/QR-code
    • Direct to Patient
  • Batch management
    • Release
    • Relabeling
    • Recall
  • Quarantine management at depots and sites
    • With data logger uploaded at shipment receipt
  • Pooled supplies management
    • The pooled supply studies require managing specific challenges. S-CLINICA applies our highly advanced probability-based algorithm adapted to real-time data prediction. It offers the most efficient supplies management for these kind of studies.
  • Supplies forecasting harmonized with supplies management
    • The user can benefit from real time IRT (IWRS) data to ensure supplies management with minimized risk and waste



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