Optimization of Supply Chain and Supply Management

Say goodbye to drug wastage, anticipate the risks and reduce the costs!

Our solutions:

“This system is truly unique,”

- Biotech company
  • COVID-19 adapted supply scenarios
  • Studies of any complexity including Cohort management, Adaptive designs
  • Easy start
    • Sponsor can start using the system immediately
  • Use the tool from the 1st steps of the trial till closure
    • Start with minimum information available, enjoy user-friendly setup
    • Investigate and compare possible supply scenarios against study objectives
    • Verify feasibility of recruitment targets and impact on study drug supply
    • Control supply management, costs and risks at each step
    • Update supply strategy, production plans and distribution when required
    • Define production schedule and manage production campaigns
    • Manage distribution plans
    • Prepare production pre-orders and orders
  • Anticipatory management
    • Potential changes and threats management
    • Investigate alternative scenarios to reach study objectives
    • Alerts to prevent potential pitfalls
  • Scaling
    • Single study
    • Product and studies pipelines
    • Optimization of supplies management at any level
    • Sponsor standard customization
  • Supplies pooling
    • Studies of the same program
  • Powerful algorithm for accurate supply forecast
    • Comprehensive approach
    • Monte Carlo
    • Bayesian
    • Studies of the same program
  • Private investigation
  • Cross-departments collaboration
    • Share, comment
  • Use of real time IRT data



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