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The role of IRT in Environmental Sustainability Goals

Plastic Polluted Ocean
Environment Pollution

IRT and Drug Supply Planning make significant impacts on your company's Sustainability Goals

S-Clinica attended the Informa IRT Conference on 21st October 2021 to present a high level view of how IRT and Drug Supply Forecasting, Planning and Management impacts sustainability goals for Pharma.​

A summary of what is covered in the presentation is:

  • Hear how IRT and Supply Forecasting, Planning and Management impacts your sustainability goals.​

  • Environmental Sustainability in the Pharmaceutical Industry: What, where and when? A snapshot of where we are right now in Pharma.

  • Supply Chain and Sustainability goals, hand-in-hand: What is the impact of the supply chain to a company's Environmental Sustainability goals and vice-versa?

  • IRT's role and the impact of more advanced systems: What part does IRT play and what are the advantages of more advanced systems?

Sustainability issues have gained significant awareness from Government, industries, organisations and the public over the last couple of decades, with the growing realisation that we have reached a crisis point with only limited years available now to make a difference before the damage to our world becomes irreversible.


The consultancy firm, McKinsey, says that 90% of companies’ impact on the environment comes from their supply chain, and they also talk about the link to investors, impact on growth and shareholder returns. In addition to that, the World Economic Forum reports that responsible procurement practices can:

  • Raise revenue by 5-20%, 

  • Reduce supply chain costs by 9-16%

  • Increase brand value by 15-30%

The presentation touches on how:

  • Supply chain efficiency is well aligned with Sustainability Goals.

  • Better communication leads to cleaner data being fed into tools leading to better decisions. 

  • Better tools handling better data leads to better decisions.

  • IRT will help you achieve your study, planning and sustainability goals

  • More efficiency, speed, accuracy and lower costs

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