Business Plan

Data Integration, Training and Consultancy


S-CLINICA Data Integration

ClinVision and its IRT, RTSM, IWRS and IVRS modules have been designed to be interoperable and integratable, providing maximum flexibility and choice.

We integrate data with any 3rd Party Vendor, including, but not limited to:

  • Central Labs & Readers (ECG, imaging, etc)

  • Drug Suppliers & Sponsor CTMS (both patient data, sites and site users)

  • eCRF systems

  • ePRO


Real-time, bi-directional​

Protocols including but not limited to sFTP and AS2​

Encrypted emails ​

File formats: XML, TXT or CSV, EXCEL and SAS​


We train teams and users in IRT, RTSM, IWRS and IVRS. The user learns about system functionalities available for all types of users, including system customization to sponsor specifics, study setup, conduct of investigations, management of batches and sites.

The user also learns how to:


  • Run, read, interpret and analyze system forecasting results


  • Update site-specific information, including speed of recruitment.


  • Confirm the status of a site following feasibly analysis (site confirmed to participate in the study or not).

  • Manage products and batches including creation of future batches, update and release of batches, management of shelf life, etc.

All training can be conducted on-site or remotely.


Training at S-CLINICA



S-CLINICA can help during any stage of the study including:


  • System setup

  • Identification of optimal supply strategy

  • Interpretation of forecasting results.

S-CLINICA Consultancy Services