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ePRO and eCOA


ClinVision's fully integrated and powerful ePRO and eCOA modules are very quickly implementable. for any study design complexity in any phase. This module offers the following features and functions:

  • A fully flexible system

  • Single platform with:

    • Compliance control

    • Advanced reports and alerts

  • Fast set-up

  • Studies of any/high complexity

  • Any type of randomization

  • Adaptive design

  • Simple change management

  • Cohort and dose escalation management

  • Any type of questionnaire: (patient, care-giver, site)

  • Mobile IWRS, IVRS app

  • Validated translation ready for a regulatory submission

  • IVRS:

    • Validated recording

    • Call back

    • Carry-on option

ePRO and eCOA Summary
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