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IRT for Cell Therapy, Radiopharm and Autologous Clinical Trials

IRT for Cell Therapy S-CLINICA
Radiopharm Clinical Trials S-CLINICA
Autologous Supply Chain S-CLINICA

Cell Therapy, Radiopharm and Autologous Supply Chain, Cell & Gene Therapy
Real-time Control & Management

The S-Clinica Anticipatory Management Engine excels in complex study scenarios and provides the ideal RTSM System to manage supplies in studies with Cell Therapy and Autologous products.


The system can be standardized to sponsor processes. The tool allows managing, tracking requests and shipments of Cell Therapy and Autologous Product(s) as well as any ancillary materials collected from a patient and prepared for a patient.

S-CLINICA Cell Therapy Radiopharm and Autologous Supply Chain Cell & Gene Therapy
  • Management of extremely short lead times for transportation scheduling

  • Real time management at every step

  • Chain of command

  • Chain of custody

  • Chain of identity, conduct and product delivery

  • Scale up and out

  • Automation

  • Complex Scheduling

  • Release

  • Reporting

  • Sponsor-specific processes and logistics:

  • Supply chain design

  • Process flows

  • Documentation, Templates

  • RACI

  • Communication

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