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Direct-to-Patient DtP Drug Supply

Enabling Direct-To-Patient (DtP) Drug Supply


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Interactive Response Technology

S-CLINICA Direct-to-Patient DtP Drug Supply

Clinical trials are becoming more patient-centric, with increasing use of virtual and hybrid trials, electronic patient-reported outcome (ePRO) data collection through patients own devices, resulting in more requests for studies with direct-to-patient drug shipping for patients who aren’t able to leave home to attend clinical sites, or just to reach more, and increasingly diverse patient population who cannot or will not travel.


In today’s COVID environment, with some patients unable to access hospitals and clinics, or even reluctant to use public transport, patients centricity means being able to supply Investigational Medicinal Products (IMPs) directly to a patient's home, with trial medication despatched from the clinical site, from a dedicated depot or,. in some countries, from Pharmacies ( e.g., Denmark).

Direct to Patient

S-Clinica's Direct-to-Patient module is specifically designed to manage this process, driven by the S-Clinica Anticipatory Management Engine and performing the following tasks;

Direct to Patient Summary

Account for Unblinding Scenarios

Maintain Patient Privacy

Handle Temperature Deviations


Handle Labelling requirements for just in time delivery

Flexible enough to account for individual patient challenges

Perform drug accountability and drug destruction


Flexible supply modelling

Patient training

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