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ClinVision will help you at every stage of the study

S-CLINICA ClinVision helps at every stage of the study

How can we help you? When and how?

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Stage by stage

You need:

1st Study Concept

Your activity

You are working on initial forecasts and planning, but have limited study information that is changing frequently

How we help 

Our advanced algorithm handles this for you. The system will also generate:

  • An initial demand estimate

  • A “Production Pre-order”

Close to

You need

  • A smooth launch of your IRT

  • A fully flexible solution that can handle studies of any complexity

How we help

S-Clinica's IRT solution is best of breed, using the most advanced algorithm in the industry.

You will be supported by one of the best teams in the industry. We have not missed a go-live date in over 25 years.

When you are close to go-live, you will benefit from:

  • Fast set-up

  • Smooth UAT

After Study

You need to

  • Manage batches

  • Manage user accounts (via IRT or data transfer)

  • Manage countries and sites

  • Review the feasibility of recruitment targets

  • Investigate alternative scenarios (safe mode)

  • Adapt the supply strategy by using real-time study data

  • Review & plan subsequent production campaigns

  • System-alerts enable enhanced proactive project management

How we help

​After study go-live, our system provides everything listed, plus you will have:

  • Accurate supply management

  • Reduced wastage and risks


You need to

  • Analyze in a safe mode (in investigational environment without impact on production) the impact of potential changes (protocol amendment, production delays, etc) on supplies management.

  • Share and discuss the analysis with different teams internally.

  • Identify the best strategy to proceed with.

  • Setup and update study parameters at any stage.

How we help

We provide everything on this list of your needs, as standard.

Study Closure

You need to

Clean study data in real-time

How we help

As you will expect, this is what we deliver every time.

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