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Choosing the right IRT solution for you
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The role of IRT in Environmental Sustainability Goals

Watch our session from the Informa Connect IRT Conference, 21st Oct 2021.

Hear how IRT and Supply Forecasting, Planning and Management impacts your sustainability goals.

  • Environmental Sustainability in the Pharmaceutical Industry: What, where and when? A snapshot of where we are right now in Pharma.

  • Supply Chain and Sustainability goals, hand-in-hand: What is the impact of the supply chain to a company's Environmental Sustainability goals and vice-versa?

  • IRT's role and the impact of more advanced systems: What part does IRT play and what are the advantages of more advanced systems?

The role of IRT in Environmental Sustainability Goals

The role of IRT in Environmental Sustainability Goals

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Site challenges and the impact on Clinical Supply Planning

COVID-19 has created a huge impact in planning, forecasting and budgeting for sponsors. The significant extent of that impact is not always immediately evident. This session is part of the S-Clinica Insights series, where we aim to shine a light on these issues.


  • Learn how Research Sites have been, and continue to be impacted by the pandemic and how the industry can help.

  • See data from SCRS, GlobalData and, plus feedback from theindustry.

  • What can Sponsors do to mitigate and manage the risks of potential or current changes in plans within the supply chain and partner network?

The role of IRT in Environmental Sustainability Goals


Complexity in Clinical Trials

Complexity in Clinical Trials has increased significantly.

Do you have the best tools to manage the changes?

The effect of the pandemic on non-COVID-19 clinical trials

In the ever changing world full of uncertainty the COVID-19 pandemic will make an unprecedented difference to the world of clinical trials. This makes planning for the future even more uncertain and complex. S-CLINICA is transforming any study scenario to Simplicity, Control and Cost Benefits.

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