How to successfully reduce drug supply waste
and anticipate risks

What we’ll discuss:

  • What requirements make a supply forecasting system successful and why?
  • Supply Forecasting: when to start and what kind of parameters do you need to consider?
  • How do you involve the required stakeholders?
  • Why is it important to have a harmonised IRT and Supply Forecasting system? Will data integration be enough?
  • Can supply forecasting help mitigate risks to supply management created by a pandemic?

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Irena Seredina

Irena Seredina, M.D., MSc.
Executive Director,

Irena Seredina holds a MD honors diploma and an MSc in Health Economics. During her medical practice, Seredina worked in clinical research as an investigator. The results of her research were published in a number of articles. In 2004, Seredina joined S-CLINICA.

She is currently responsible for customer relationships and strategic business.
Ryoma Collia

Ryoma (Ray) Collia,
Vice President Sales,

Ryoma (Ray) Collia is Vice President Sales with over thirty-three years experience bringing solutions to customers at local and global level. Ryoma brings over ten years of experience in Life Sciences, seven of which has been within Clinical Trials.

He is a passionate advocate for patients and clinical sites, and is also very proud to volunteer for and support the Pharmaceutical Contract Management Group as a Steering Committee Member.