Clinical Supply Management

Clinical Supply ForecastingSay goodbye to drug wastage, anticipate the risks and reduce the costs!

When the process of product supply is up and running, S-CLINICA offers its best to manage all types of supply products throughout the entire supply chain from Production through depots and sites to Patients. S-CLINICA uses its advanced probability-based algorithm to predict real-time data. The process of drug supply management is harmonized with supply forecasting option which ensures minimal risks and waste.

Management of supplies throughout the supply chain

  • Any type of supplies: investigational products, devices, auxiliaries, etc
  • From Production – to Central and local depots – to Sites / Pharmacies – to Patients
  • Bar/QR-code
  • Direct to Patient

Supplies forecasting harmonized with supplies management

  • Comprehensive approach
  • Monte Carlo
  • Bayesian
  • Studies of the same program
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