Achieve optimal Clinical Supply Management

In recent years, the burgeoning number and cost of clinical trials has led to the uptake of digital technologies designed to facilitate the capture of data and management of clinical trial processes in an efficient manner, reducing costs and timelines. In parallel the drive to minimize costs with the number of trials increasing has given rise to several tools designed to optimizing the supply chain, meeting time and budget constraints, and minimizing the risk of undersupplying and the wastage in oversupplying IMPs. Containing supply chain costs requires minimizing drug production and shipment expenditure, while mitigating the risks of running out of stock and patient harm by ensuring drug availability at the site level. With the numerous uncertainties in clinical trial planning, including changing protocols and variable recruitment rates the only way to optimise processes is by designing a robust forecasting tool that enables, data driven decisions for planning, forecasting and executing a study.

S-CLINICA’s forecasting-IRT tool ClinVision helps you to eliminate drug wastage, anticipate risks and reduce costs.

Interactive response technology (IRT) solutions are already a standard for the majority of clinical trials, with its numerous advantages; from patient management, randomization to real-time IMP kit allocation.

Empowered by advanced supply forecasting & interactive response technology

The combination of IRT functionality and supply chain logistics expertise has become the de facto approach for managing the clinical supply chain in a time and cost efficient manner. Having a well-designed forecasting tool and IRT solution that provides simulation and forecasting to support managers optimize their supply chain is increasingly indispensable.

ClinVision enables supply chain mangers to start forecasting supply needs with minimum information. ClinVision can:

  • Investigate and compare possible supply scenarios against study objectives
  • Verify feasibility of recruitment targets and impact on study drug supply
  • Optimise Cost
  • Control supply management, costs and risks at each step
  • Update supply strategy, production plans and distribution when required
  • Define production schedule and manage production campaigns
  • Manage distribution plans
  • Prepare production pre-orders and orders

Anticipatory management

  • Potential changes and threats management
  • Investigate alternative scenarios to reach study objectives
  • Alerts to prevent potential pitfalls

Powerful algorithm for accurate supply forecast

  • Comprehensive approach
  • Monte Carlo
  • Bayesian
  • Portfolio Management

At S-CLINICA we have been developing sophisticated supply forecasting, Drug supply management and randomization tools used by innovative pharma and biotech clients for over the 23 years. Our focus on these core service offerings has enabled us to develop deep domain expertise in patient and drug supply management, helping clients avoid potential pitfalls in both traditional, hybrid and virtual trials.

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