Optimal solutions for complex clinical trials

The best practices backed up by long-term experience

ClinVision - a cutting edge single platform CTMS​

The CTMS “ClinVision” is the best in class single platform comprising Clinical Supply Forecasting, Cost and Risk Optimization, IWRS, Clinical Supply Management, Drug Return and Destruction, Data Transfer & Integration.

Supply Chain and Supply Management optimization

Use Clinical Supply Forecasting module from S-CLINICA to manage studies of any complexity. Manage cohorts, distribution plans as well as potential changes and threats.

A powerful solution to reduce the waste and risks

The unique and finely tuned system built on highly advanced probability-based algorithm adapted to real-time data prediction allows to powerfully minimize supply waste and risks.

Powerful and fully flexible system

The IRT (IWRS) module is 100% flexible and can be promptly adapted to clinical study of any complexity.

Expedite IRT support to COVID-19 clinical trials

We can help our clients to overcome COVID-19 challenges and expedite treatment development! The assisted by the IRT “direct-to-patient” delivery of treatment can facilitate patients participation in the clinical trial and contribute to success of the trial.

Full visibility throughout supply chain

The return & destruction of drugs is a critical phase that needs to be planned before a clinical trial begins. Regardless of a clinical trial’s size, drug accountability must be completed at the close of the study.

Assuring data integrity, eliminating redundancy

S-CLINICA integrates data with any 3rd Party Vendor, including, but not limited to: Central Labs & Readers (ECG, imaging, etc), Drug Suppliers & Sponsor, CTMS (both patient data, sites and site users), eCRF systems, ePRO

We help our clients to find the right solution

S-CLINICA can help at any step of the study including system setup, identification of optimal supply strategy and interpretation of forecasting results.


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