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Webinar - The role of IRT in Environmental Sustainability Goals

S-Clinica attended the Informa IRT Conference on 21st October 2021. Watch the recording of our session where Ryoma Collia talks about how IRT and Drug Supply Forecasting, Planning and Management impacts sustainability goals for Pharma.​ The link to the recording is here.

- Hear how IRT and Supply Forecasting, Planning and Management impacts your sustainability goals.

- Environmental Sustainability in the Pharmaceutical Industry: What, where and when? A snapshot of where we are right now in Pharma.

- Supply Chain and Sustainability goals, hand-in-hand: What is the impact of the supply chain to a company's Environmental Sustainability goals and vice-versa?

- IRT's role and the impact of more advanced systems: What part does IRT play and what are the advantages of more advanced systems?

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