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Pandemic: Upcoming Site Challengesand the Impact on Clinical Supply Planning

6th May, 2021 - COVID-19 has created a huge impact in planning, forecasting and budgeting for sponsors, not just for the future, but also for current studies. It has also severely impacted investigational sites. Considering that the site network remains critical to the success of studies,

Ryoma (Ray) Collia and Dr Vivienne van de Walle will speak about various challenges and situations faced by investigational sites due to COVID-19, their potential consequences and ways Sponsors can be helped to mitigate and manage the risks of potential or current changes in plans within the supply chain and partner network.

This session is part of the S-Clinica Insights series, where we shine a light across the entire clinical trial ecosystem, focusing on various aspects of clinical supply forecasting, budgeting and management. Ryoma (Ray) Collia will be speaking with Dr Vivienne van de Walle who brings a deeper insight and awareness of the challenges that clinical sites face due to pandemic related changes, the elements of risk that Sponsors need to be aware of when planning their studies.

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