Real-time is too late! It is crucial to be Anticipatory!

What sets us apart ?

Advanced technology:

  • Easy start – start with minimum study assumption.
  • Prompt build – friendly interface.
  • Flexible – unique set up approach: study of any complexity.
  • Anticipatory cost and risk control – proactive decision-making: plan, schedule and adapt production campaigns and distribution. We help to make sure that there is no patient without treatment!
  • No waste! – a combination of anticipatory approach with the unique S-CLINICA drug algorithm allow the most efficient elimination of wastage.
  • IRT fluent generation – the IRT is generated based on study information.
  • Complex study, simple to manage – our solutions help to streamline study management and to spot the priorities.
  • Smooth change management – prompt study changes.

True Partnership:

  • Reliable partner – recognized by pharma, biotech and CRO companies; proven record of successful partnerships.
  • Proven expertise – we truly guide, explain all pros and cons and help to identify the right solution.
  • Client focus – we are passionate about making the studies a success. We create long-term collaboration for every single project.

Nowadays, clinical trials require not only real-time decision-making but also pro-active management. S-CLINICA has introduced a game-changing tool ClinVision, a system for clinical trial anticipatory management. ClinVision is a single platform for clinical supply forecasting, IRT, supplies and drug management, return and destruction and ePRO. The system allows leveraging on a combination of sophisticated predictive forecasting and real-time study data, thorough investigation of possible scenarios and system alerts.
From the very first steps of your trial you can apply a risk-based pro-active approach to avoid any number of annoying situations and problems that typically arise during clinical trials.

We know how to address challenges

“S-CLINICA is the vendor for complex projects”

- Top-5 Pharma-Biotech Clients

As a provider to a number of biotechnology companies, S-CLINICA has been driven by a dynamic adoption of practices, expertise and flexible technologies. This enables us to meet the challenges of clinical trials with their ever increasing complexity (by design, supply chain, etc), adaptive design and necessity to manage emergency issues that arise during the course of the clinical trial or clinical trial programs.
Our clients see S-CLINCA as a proven vendor for complex trials, demonstrating the value of our innovative technology solutions and expertise. We are proud that our pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients as well as CRO companies trust us with their studies and use S-CLINICA for their complex clinical trials.

The best practices backed up by long-term experience

Experience is the father of wisdom. S-CLINICA offers 23 years of experience in providing advanced technology solutions and customer-oriented services. We have successfully supported more than 900 trials with significant portion in biotechnology products in various therapeutic areas, across all study phases, in 116 countries. As a result, S-CLINICA has become a recognized and experienced vendor deploying flexible solutions and the in-depth expertise required to achieve successful results for studies of any design and difficulty.

years of experience
clinical trials

Commitment to make the studies of our clients a success!

We make each study a success!

We are passionate about our clients’ success. Our experts provide immediate and attentive support to every project, from the beginning to the end.
We assign an experienced and project–dedicated team to each trial. Our operational approach, expertise and experience allow us to identify the best option to help save time and money and reduce study and patient risks.
We promptly analyze the needs of the clinical study or program. We foresee potential pitfalls and help our client’s team to choose the optimal solution.
As a result, we build a long-term partnership with each client and each client’s team. A number of pharmaceutical, biotechnology and CRO companies have selected S-CLINICA to be their preferred provider. We are proud to say that we are the preferred provider of our very first client, a Top-5 Pharma-Biotech Company. This partnership has resulted in 23 years of successful collaboration!