“VISION” – Clinical Trials Anticipatory Management System (CTAMS)
November 2, 2018

Be anticipatory!

You want to be pro-active and you need a tool for it?  VISION CTAMS can help.
Managing your trials on a daily basis is good, but is that enough? Of course, not! It will not prepare you for the unplanned events, which will lead to negative consequences, emergency actions, quality deviations, budget increase, and so on.

What “anticipate” means? It means:
– To combine all information in order to determine in a continuous way the actions to be taken to achieve the goals
– Continuously evaluate the current situation to adapt the strategy

Anticipatory management system brings VISION and RESOLUTION even before the unexpected has occurred. This results in a stress-free, organized, reliable management. You simply do not wait for the unexpected to strike as it has been thought of and alternatives have been put in place to avoid it.
VISION CTAMS warns you even before any warning signs appear.

To have all required information in hand to achieve it, it is important to consider the use of one single platform, which includes study planning, supply forecasting, IRT, cost and risk optimization. VISION offers all of them in one single system.

VISION CTAMS helps you to achieve the following goals:
–  To reach the recruitment target
–  To plan accurately production and distribution
–  To reduce the costs and risks

Reach the recruitment target

VISION pictures the possible issues and its impact it will have on anything that is linked to the main concern. It is vital to analyse the risks that you may encounter before or during a clinical trial. A risk can be linked to the budget, stock management, patients, recruitment targets, drug supply …  And everyday is a challenge to make sure everything goes as planned and stays on schedule. You can analyse different scenarios to make your goals achieved.

The system allows strong control of patient recruitment. Before the study starts, you can analyse feasibility to reach the goal based on your assumptions. Once the study goes live, the system uses real-time data. Now that you have visualized the possible problems, you need to find the alternatives that will dissolve the issue and reduce the risk down to zero
while considering other aspects that can be affected by this new plan. VISION can help you to develop and to analyse possible alternative scenarios.

Plan accurately production and distribution

VISION guides you from the first study concept. It allows making a rough evaluation of quantity of product needed. At the stage of study design, VISION helps to evaluate the impact of the different possible study designs on product consumption and costs. It allows comparing supply chain designs and impacts on costs and risks. When the final design is available, it helps to forecast the quantities to produce. Once the study goes live, VISION considers real time data and allows to review and to tune-up the quantities to produce in future.

Reduce cost and risks

By analysing the trends, VISION will help you to identity the risks and analyse potential consequences as well as alternative scenarios. It will alert you way before a problem takes place. It will also help to manage the emergencies, which have already taken place or may take place in the future. It helps to manage the uncertainties.
Mistakes and false estimations can be costly and time-consuming. Anticipatory management approach will empower you. This is the reason why S-Clinica has put in place VISION, a unique single-access platform that is used from first study concept until study closure. It will become easy to visualise, find alternatives and it will allow you to discuss this matter with other departments that are directly or indirectly affected by the situation. VISION will make you reaching the timelines and goals.

Not only does VISION come with every module needed to perform the anticipatory management of your clinical trials, a team of S-CLINICA experts will also help you to make all your studies a success.