S-CLINICA offers “CLIN-VISION”, a system for Clinical Trials Anticipatory Management (CTAMS). CLIN-VISION includes the following modules:

  • Study design and Cost optimization

CLIN-VISION helps to optimise the costs and compare study design scenarios by any clinical, organizational and logistical study parameters. Contact us as soon as you have a concept sheet of the study.

  • Supply Forecasting

CLIN-VISION suggests the best study supply strategy. It helps to define the number of kits to produce and to schedule the production campaigns before the study goes live. It runs on real time data once the study is live.

  • IRT (IVRS and /or IWRS)

CLIN-VISION offers fully flexible study set-up while allowing the ability to meet short study timelines even for complex projects. 

  • Drug supply management

CLIN-VISION drastically reduces the wastage and the number of shipments while ensuring enough supplies at sites and depots. It utilises predictive probabilistic approach adjusted to a real time situation and trends.

  • Return and destruction

CLIN-VISION increases your site compliance with the use of our returns and destruction system and get your supplies study data promptly! The sites appreciate the intuitive and easy-to-use system.

  • ePRO

CLIN-VISION incorporates the ability to collect patient reported outcome through phone, web and device applications.  


Your teams will have a clear vision on the study from the first concept until its closure. You will benefit from our pro-active project support and unique drug supply management.

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