S-Clinica is and has been the preferred IRT provider of many pharmaceuticals and biotech companies for more than 21 years.

And 21 years ago, IRT was not considered mandatory so many companies did not see the necessity of managing their clinical trials through IRT.
However, S-Clinica already understood back then the importance of an IRT in clinical trials and has revolutionized the industry with its unique, powerful and expert S-IRT platform.

UNIQUE thanks to its drug supply algorithm!

S-IRT calculates the needs not based on a minimum/maximum calculation but based on the availability at site, the current needs of already known patients and their future visits, the recruitment levels in order to take into account future patients, the probability of lost or damaged supplies.
S-IRT gives therefore a reliable drug supply estimation. It drastically reduces the time consuming tasks of manual calculation, daily controls, and emergency actions due to unforeseen events.

POWERFUL thanks to its flexibility!

S-IRT platform is standard but remains 100% flexible.
This means that no matter the complexity of the study design or the size of the study, S-IRT will respond to any particularity or challenge, and demolish the constraints of the executive and operational teams. And, wait for it… in a timely manner!

EXPERT approach

S-IRT is more than a platform, it is also a service. The platform is delivered with a dedicated team of experts that are assigned to each study from kick off to study closure.
You are not simply using a tool, to manage your studies. You have your experts to go to for advice, challenging decisions, guidance throughout the study whether it is protocol or software related.

Key Benefits

S-IRT has unlimited possibilities in terms of options that can be included, for instance:


o Randomization
o Scheduled visits
o Unscheduled visits
o Dose adjustments
o Dose titration
o Treatment unblinding
o Follow-up visits
o Reminders


o Sites/depots resupply
o Treatment replacement
o Drug reconciliation
o Drug return & destruction
o Batch recall
o Radio-label
o Alerts


o Country activation
o Site activation
o Users account management
o CAP management
o Cohort management

– REPORTING (standard & customizable)

o Site level
o Country level
o Study level


S-IRT is all about making your life easier!