Easy to use, saves time and money

Keeping cost and risk at a minimum is crucial for your project’s success. A tedious process that usually requires extensive spreadsheet editing and use of complex modelling tools, it often creates as many problems as it tries to solve.

Recognising the need for a better solution, we redefined the way forecasting is done in clinical trials. The goal was to create an effective yet easy to use system.

Fast-forward to today: S-Clinica’s forecasting solution allows you to overcome what would otherwise be a substantial mathematical challenge, without the slightest hint of stress. It’s that simple!

Be it during the planning of your supply chain and setup of your IRT system, the control phase of your study or while considering changes, you can rely on our data to make the right call.

Features & Benefits

  • Run a high number of simulations using the Monte Carlo method
  • Simulation before and during the study with actual study data
  • For studies and supply chains of all complexity levels
  • Cross-functionality with our IRT system enables data import from live projects
  • Easily and quickly determine and adapt your supply strategy
  • Full visibility of supply needs at any stage of the project
  • Optimal management of production campaigns
  • Supports S-Clinica’s advanced predictive resupply algorithm as well as conventional, threshold level based models