Anticipatory management makes life easier at every stage

1st study concept:

Costs and planning under control from the very first steps of the clinical trial!

INPUT: The early clinical study assumptions: potential number of patients, randomization rules, patients visits and target recruitment timelines.

OUTPUT: The estimation of rough quantities of medication and related costs, initial production planning, production and distribution planning. The production preorder.

BENEFIT: Tangibility. Set the right path for clinical trial. Prepare to select the right manufacturer.  

Clinical Study design & assumptions:

Choose the optimal strategy scenario.

INPUT: Investigate costs and risks with unlimited number of trial scenarios. Fine-tune assumptions by adding countries, sites and defining the supply chain including depots.

OUTPUT: Compare scenarios built with different sets of variables such as: risks, costs, planning, etc. Check recruitment feasibility. Select the best strategy for supply, production, recruitment and planning.

BENEFIT: Awareness. Identify the most suitable scenario to proceed. Take advantage of S-Clinica’s expert advice on drug-supply strategy. 

From final design to Go-live:

Meet Go-live timelines in a smooth and easy way

INPUT: Update with the final Study assumptions.

OUTPUT: Identify the optimal supply strategy. Estimate the final quantities of medications to be produced for the first campaign. Prepare the production order for the initial production campaign. Get the IRT generated and all data transfers and integrations configured.

BENEFIT: Money saving. Initial production campaign ready on time with the accurate number of kits. A fine-tuned IRT and data transfers / integrations ready on time within short timelines.

From Go-live to closure:

Be empowered with proactive study management.

INPUT: The real time data received through IRT (IWRS), Drug supply, Cost & Risk Optimization, ePro, Drug Return & Destruction and Data Transfer & Integration.

OUTPUT: Proactive control of patient recruitment, stock and on-time planning of the next production campaigns. Reviewed and updated supply strategy. Easy management of IRT changes.

BENEFIT: Reduced costs and wastage.

  • Respected target deadlines;
  • Real time decisions made;
  • The Recruitment timelines met;
  • Risks eliminated.
  • Costs reduced!

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