Study design phase

Cost optimization

Helps to analyse the risks and optimize the costs. It allows performing risk-cost analysis through a comparison of study design scenarios by clinical, organizational and logistical study parameters.

Supply Forecasting

Identifies the best study supply strategy and prepares accurately for the production campaigns. Defines the number of kits to produce, schedules the production campaigns based on the informed choice before the study goes live and then, based on the real time data defines the distribution plan. The system insures that the right quantities are planned and produced on time.

From go-live to closure phase

IRT (IVRS and /or IWRS)

Offers flexible and short timelines for the study set-up and simplifies the management of changes even for complex projects.

Drug supply management

Helps to significantly reduce medical kits wastage. Calculates the optimal number of shipments required ensuring the exact number of supplies at sites and depots. The module is based on predictive probabilistic approach and adjusted to a real time situation.

Tracking of return and destruction

Offers full visibility of treatment kit status at the lowest level (pill, injection, etc) through every step of the study from production to destruction. The module is intuitive and user-friendly. This feature levels up site compliance and ensures that the supply study data is collected on time. Specific features offer a possibility to clarify the status of treatment or consignment units.


The patient’s reported outcome data can be collected through phone, web and device applications. The data collection is facilitated through specific modalities to simplify and streamline the process (collection data when travelling, etc).

Expert advice

Teams will have a clean vision on the study from the first concept until its closure, benefitting from our pro-active project support and unique drug supply management system.


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